• 2018/11/3(sat) - 4(sun)

    Fukuoka Prefecture Okawa of Japan

  • A town of craftsmen. That's what people say about Okawa. 33.62 square kilometers in area and

    with a population of 35,000, it lies on a flat plain. You can drive from end to end in 20 minutes.

    In this small town there are many craftsmen. These craftsmen who support our town are woodworkers.

    With about 300 factories, it is possible to do anything with wood, such as making furniture and fixtures such as sliding doors, processing lumber, painting (frames) and so on. Taking advantage of the mild climate heavy in rain, there are also many food craftsmen. Vegetables and fruits, sake and vinegar, fish and nori blessed with the good taste of the Ariake Sea - all of these thrive here. A city of techniques (craftsmanship) nurtured by the climate - this is Okawa.

    職人のまち大川市。私たちのまちをそう呼ぶ人がいる。面積33.62km2 。人口はおよそ3.5万人。まち一帯が平野。

    車で20分走れば、まちの端から端までいけてしまう。小さなまちには、たくさんの職人がいる。まちの主産業を支え るのは木の職人。





    Rooted and nurtured in this land, woodworking technology lives on now. There is a network of craftsmen who can respond to any order. There are young artisans who have inherited the traditions and strive to blossom further. In order to know Okawa and to feel its potential, it is best to walk through this land, meet people in this land and touch the techniques of this land. Welcome to the heart of the world's proud craft culture. In 2018, Okawa is holding the first craftsmen's celebration. Open the door of the factory, talk with the craftsmen, witness their techniques and experience Okawa's high technical capabilities.


    どんなオーダーにも応えられる、職人たち(クラフトマンズ)のネットワークがある。伝統を受け継ぎ、さらに花開かせようと挑む若手職人たちがいる。大川を知り、大川の可前 性を感じていただくには、この土地を歩き、この土地の人間に出会い、この土地の技に触れていただくことが一番。 ようこそ、世界に誇るクラフト文化のなかへ。2018年、大川市で初めてとなる職人の家典を開催します。工場の扉を 開け、大川市の職人たちと語り、その技に直接触れ、大川の高い技術力を体感ください。


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  • [ Access to Okawa City ]

    From the Airports:

    ・・Fukuoka Airport (approx. 70 mins by car )

    Saga Airport (approx. 20 mins by car)


    From the Nearest Railway Station:

    Nishi-Nippon Tetsudo, Tenjin Oumuta Line

    "Yanagawa station" (approx. 15 mins by car )

    [ アクセス ]

    最寄り空港 : 福岡空港(福岡空港から車で約1時間10分)



    最寄り駅 : 西日本鉄道 西鉄柳川駅(西鉄柳川駅から車で約15分)


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